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Rental car insurance always baffles car owners as most of them don't even know whether it is worth buying or not. Most of the experienced agents from the top auto insurance companies will inform you that getting this kind of insurance is completely inefficient. Of course it is still applicable for some of the car owners, but most drivers are simply overpaying. There are several options that confirm it.

Now, the big secret is that pretty much all of the offers that rental company provides is already included with even most basic auto insurance. So by getting rental car insurance you are paying for the very same thing that you have already got, which is a waste of money. The best thing you can do is to investigate what options are covered by your provider prior going to the rental firm.

For instance, collision and comprehensive coverage can be excluded if you have it with your regular auto insurance. Even just collision insurance will be sufficient, as it is the most common with regular car insurance. Same is truth with the liability insurance coverage, that while being not such a frequent purchase can be neglected as well. Medical expenses are the least of your concerns, even if you don't have it in your auto insurance policy, you might just have separate health coverage. The only thing that is quite rare purchase with insurance company is personal effect coverage, which will help you to get compensation in case personal items like phone, laptop or cash will be stolen from a car.

So, as you can see most of the coverages that are included in a rental car insurance are available with your personal cheap auto insurance; it doesn't even have to be full coverage insurance. Even if you do not have insurance at all, since you are not a car owner and still want to rent a car, your credit card will work as your insurance. Certain amount is deducted daily from the card, depending on the firm that you rent the car with. Alternatively, if you are renting cars frequently you will be better off acquiring non-owner insurance coverage with any top auto insurance company, paying up to $600 maximum and avoiding those deductions from your card.

All in all you can see that rental car insurance is necessary only for those who don't have car insurance to begin with. If you do, make sure to check with your auto insurance company and the credit card company to be confirm that you are protected.

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